Dragonflight 2010: Acceleration and Deceleration

Almost all of the players in the Car Wars tournament at Dragonflight 2010 were new to Car Wars or had not played the game for over 10 years. I thought of a few ideas during the carnage that may be helpful for novices and veterans alike.

A table of permitted, safe and hazard-causing acceleration and deceleration ratings for each vehicle should be printed for each player. If there is not enough room on the Vehicle Record Sheet use a seperate sheet for this information and other useful tables.

Austin Searles, the tournament organizer and I had to look up the Rapid Deceleration rules many times during the event. Having this information available for instant consultation would be a great tool for referees making rules and players deciding on tactics.

3 Responses to “Dragonflight 2010: Acceleration and Deceleration”

  1. Curt Says:

    Hey Mike. I run tournaments on an (almost) yearly basis, and I have an MS Excel file that I double-side print, laminate and hand out to my players. It has the speed chary, control table, crash tables, shooting mods, decel hazards, combat hazards, road hazards, etc.

    I’ll look for it tonight and mail it to you. Your local Staples should offer the lamination for cheap.

  2. Michael Miller Says:

    I agree, which is why the Combat Record sheet of the CWVD includes the braking table as modified for your vehicle’s equipment. The standard version is also included on our Maneuvers reference sheet, which (sadly) we don’t have permission to distribute.

  3. Austin Searles Says:

    here are the pics I have at this time.

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