Heroes and Barbarians

While on a business trip to Portland, Oregon this month I was able to visit Powell’s City of Books. I found a near-mint, used copy of The Ultimate Vehicle Sourcebook (UVS) for HERO System Fifth Edition for half of the retail price.

I navigated my way east of Downtown Portland across the Willamette River to find Guardian Games, one of the largest game stores I have visited in many years. The staff are awesome, the inventory is huge and the gaming space is enormous.

Because I had the UVS I purchased a new copy of the Post-Apocalyptic Genre Book for HERO System Fifth Edition. Post-Apocalyptic Hero appears to still be in print but I have not encountered it regularly in the Seattle area.

I also acquired from Guardian Games the Barbarians of the Aftermath (BOA) Sourcebook for the Barbarians of Lemuria (BOA) RPG. I knew about BOL but I was unaware of the BOA Sourcebook.

Why am I telling autoduellists of three new books added to my gaming collection? These books are full of great ideas for autoduelling in a variety of post-apocalyptic environments. Although they are not written for Car Wars, many of their sections can be easily adapted to Car Wars, GURPS Autoduel and other systems.

Finding Guardian Games, located along in the Willamette River in a warehouse area, can be a little difficult. I read a useful hint from the DexKnows Web site.

Proceed on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive (a one-way street) until you encounter an Office Depot  on your right. Make right from MLK Jr. Drive to Oak Street, one of the intersections in front of Office Depot. Proceed straight for one block until you reach 3rd Avenue SE. Guardian Games is directly behind the Office Depot on your right on 3rd Avenue SE. You will have to drive around the area to find an open parking spot. Spaces are scattered around the warehouse area. 

The Ultimate Vehicle for HERO System Fifth Edition

Post-Apocalyptic Hero for HERO System Fifth Edition

Barbarians of the Aftermath for Barbarians of Lemuria

Powell’s City of Books (http://www.powells.com)

Guardian Games (http://www.guardiangamesportland.com)

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