Starting this Last of the V-8s

I created this blog in January 2009. I never used it because of my chaotic work schedule and most of my Car Wars discussions were placed in the Car Wars Internet Newsletter (CWIN) or on various message boards.

While helping to run the Car Wars tournament at the Dragonflight convention in Bellevue, WA earlier this month, I wrote down problems (which were minor) and possible solutions. Once I was an arena manager, calculating to-hit values and looking up rules, the autoduelling section of my mind was awakened from a long sleep. I started to remember several odd ideas for Car Wars. I added these variants to my notepad.

After the convention my thoughts in written form had filled one sheet of engineering paper and started to fill a second sheet. A few of the comments appear to actually be useful, therefore I decided to share them with the online autoduelling community.

Posting on one or more message boards would be cumbersome. I may still post some of my ideas on forums. The same situation is true for publishing in CWIN. I prefer to keep that magazine for notification of hyperlinks, resources, news and articles written by other auto-vigilantes.

I decided to actually use the old blog I created last year.

I have no idea if I will have time or interest to keep this blog running. I also do not know if there will be interest in reading or even replying to this blog.

If my comments and variant rules cause the autoduelling community to drive through this corner of the Internet, at least I renamed this blog to a slightly interesting title.

If I do use this blog semi-regularly and there is interest in reading it, I may start adding pages from the old “Car Wars Notebooks of Chaos” I wrote many years ago when I started to create the ADQ&A Compendium.

I am still becoming oriented with the WordPress software therefore I apologize in advance for the odd formatting situations.

Drive Offensively,

Michael P. Owen

Seattle Washington Autoduel Team

One Response to “Starting this Last of the V-8s”

  1. Austin Searles Says:

    Thank you Michael – this is great! You have some awesome comments and advise. We can get some pics up of the player, gamemaster aids as well. I had a lot of fun running the Tournament and appreciated your help immensely. Your grasp of the rules far outweighs anything I feel I will ever be able to atain.

    I think I have an answer for the following question.

    * Are the effects of airdams and spoilers too difficult for novices?

    as you noted most all the players we either New or had not played in a long time. I started all the players in round 1 with airdams and spoilers. I thought it went great. no one really had too much problem with it, but I had to remind everyone to bump up their handling class when they hit 60, at that time it was smooth sailing. I actually recomend it for new players as it it much more forgiving for a player who makes a mistake at high speed. Of course the player aids I have made tracking handling a lot eaisier.

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