Bullmark and Interstate ’76 Music

I am still full of adrenaline from last night’s discovery. I finally acquired the missing Track 14 from the Bullmark Demo CD titled “Ma… Something Like This”. The piece is the same music that plays during the end credits of the original edition of the Interstate ’76 game.

I have owned Interstate ’76 since its initial release in 1997. I have used the game disc both as a game CD and an audio CD since that time, however I only became aware of the Bullmark Demo CD approximately a year ago.

Arion Salazar had all tracks of the Bullmark Demo CD on his Web site 10 years ago. The site was taken down over five years ago.

About a year ago I finally obtained a near-mint copy of the Interstate ’76 Official Soundtrack, a CD that was sold directly from Activision only for a short time in 1997. Around the same time I found a fan site for Third Eye Blind. The site had an archive of the Bullmark Demo CD but it was missing Track 14.

Late Saturday evening I found the missing track in a torrent file found on the site below.

Now between the Third Eye Blind site and the torrent collection veteran Interstate ’76 fans can have the entire collection of the Interstate ’76 demo music.

ilibr.org – Interstate ’76 Soundtracks

Third Eye Blind Media – Side Projects

If you are a veteran auto-vigilante who wants to listen to the funk of Interstate ’76 again, note there are four different collections of Interstate ’76 music.

* Bullmark Demo CD
* Interstate ’76 Score on Original Edition Game Disc
* Interstate ’76 Score on Gold Edition Game Disc
* Interstate ’76 Original Game Soundtrack CD (Limited release; sold directly from Activision)

A few Web sites giving more information on Interstate ’76 music are listed below.

Does anyone know how to rip the music from the Interstate ’76 Nitro Pack Game CD? I can access the cutscenes using the Smacker program but I have not determined how to get the music. The Nitro Pack Game CD cannot be played as an audio CD as with the Original Edition and Gold Edition Interstate ’76 Game CDs.

Internet Archive – ArionSalazar.com – Bullmark

The Local Ditch Gaming Emporium

The Local Ditch Gaming Emporium – Interstate ’76

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7 Responses to “Bullmark and Interstate ’76 Music”

  1. Anon Says:

    Hi there.

    Glad you found my torrent (http://ilibr.org/5iG). I hope it was helpful, as it has taken nearly a year to find all the tracks. The torrent does include tracks from the Nitro CD and the bullmark demo.

    Anyway, thanks for downloading.

    • Anon Says:

      Hi, I’d dearly love to have the Bullmark demo stuff – I already have the game audio and the accompanying CD. Is there any way you could link to the torrent and seed it for a while?

      • Anon Says:

        Oh sorry about that, ilibr seems to be down. I’m still seeding by the way, so don’t worry! You can get it by going to bullmark’s last.fm page. You’ll find a link to my torrent in the comments page.

  2. Anon Says:

    I am always seeding. http://ilibr.org/ seems to be down so you can grab the alt link at http://btjunkie.org/torrent/Interstate-76-Soundtracks-FLAC-V8-MP3-V0-OGG-Q8/3676539a3e8eec15b5143cce0a7b16d210ff735328b8

    Sorry about the huge comment delay.

  3. This Guy Here Says:

    Seeding that shit too, now.

  4. anon Says:


    Reuploaded here.

  5. no Says:

    Just dropping in thanks for the people still keeping this stuff accessible.Its an awesome part of my childhood, and that music can still get me to groove any day any time.

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