Dragonflight 2010 Thoughts Continued

Do Division 5 duels provide enough offense and defense for novice duellists learning to play Car Wars?

If the only aimed weaponry on a vehicle is placed inside a turret, does the vehicle have enough offense for novices?

Has anyone used different rules for how to armor standard (non-AFV) turrets?

If hosting a tournament, what is the minimum amount of (real world) time needed for each qualifying round?

What are useful definitions of kills for novice duellists?

How should points be awarded for firepower kills, mobility kills, making crew members unconscious and killing crew members?

Should victory points be lost when a vehicle takes damage?

Having standard Body Armor protect the wearer from collision damage is a useful rules change when duelling with many novices.

What is the amount of time needed to exit a car that is stationary?

When using 3-D components for your arena layout, having all of the arena components such as buildings, pillars, bunkers and TV towers in 3-D is very helpful. Line of sight questions with 3-D versions of these items are easily answered. Questions whether arena “obstacles” are objects or areas on the arena floor are easily answered with 3-D buildings. unlabeled pieces of foam insulation are fine. The extra 3-D components take much more preparation but should speed up games and make the duels look more exciting to spectators.

In a tournament should arenas roughly be symmetrical? If using asymmetrical arenas, the starting positions may be more advantageous for some players than others.

If areas of the arena floor are designated as liquids of various effects, translucent colored plastic should be used to cover these surfaces. Pits of hot liquid plastic (making vehicles become permanently stuck) or molten metal (converting vehicles into balls of fire) would look great with transparent red plastic.

The water tiles from first printing of the first HeroScape Master Set were transparent blue with sparkles. This effect could be used for other liquids in Car Wars. I have seen several HeroScape Web sites showing how to create sparkle liquid titles.

Has anyone considered modifying the Character system in Car Wars to have d2o skill checks? I know this idea is considered heresy by most duellists but follow Morpheus’s (from The Matrix Trilogy) and Taurus’s (from Interstate ’76) advice by “free your mind” and “just think about it.”

Has anyone thought about converting the Crash Tables to 1d6, 1d10 or 1d12 charts? Veteran duellists will remember the original Crash Tables were based on 1d6.

Has anyone tried using Shot Cards from the CADC to keep track of speed changes and firing actions?

Permitting speed changes only at the beginning of a turn and not in the middle of a turn makes the game faster for novices, especially in tournaments.

I thought of a way to permit two-space turrets on compacts again and possibly 1-space turrets on subcompacts . Turrets could be specified as standard and slow. Two-space turrets on compacts and 1-space turrets on subcompacts would be designated as slow.

Slow turrets would behave as AFV turrets only able to rotate 90 degrees once a second.

Four-wheeled ATVs (quadcycles) and three-wheeled ATVs (tricycles; no longer produced) need to be added to the rules system. These vehicles would be extremely useful in Chassis & Crossbow and off-road scenarios.

Are multiple range rules helpful for making duels faster?

If there was an increased reliance on character abilities, the choices of allocating skill points to Driver, Gunner and Handgunner may be more critical. Complete RPG systems such as GURPS and d20 Modern use this procedure for vehicle action. I am not suggesting to use this amount of detail but an abbreviated character skill system such as the one used in the six Car Wars Adventure Gamebooks would be a relatively simple variant.

An online demo for Car Wars like Zombie Dice would be a great play-aid.

Anyone tried making plastic armor semi-ablative as in GURPS Autoduel First Edition?

Has anyone experimented with frame DP with frame armor and frame DP used to assess collision damage? Chassis & Crossbow First Edition in ADQ 1/3 had a few rules for frame DP.

Austin had a set of wood blocks of multiple heights for cars jumping. I believe the blocks were of heights based on the jumping and falling rules in UACFH. These blocks were very impressive and well-constructed.

If using a modular set of arena maps for a tournament, decide on the layouts of each map before the tournament. If possible, publish these layouts on the Web before the tournament or on sheets of paper available during the tournament.

The rules for debris and obstacles need to be placed on Vehicle Design Sheets or other reference sheets. Questions about Difficulty ratings and tire damage caused by debris and obstacles are commonly encountered in duels that have beginners driving cars with non-solid tires.

Should Puncture-Resistant tires and possibly Heavy-Duty tires have more resistance to debris and obstacles? What about standard spikes?

Are there any duellists with experience of using pintle mount weapons and sunroofs in arena events as in Death Race? The Unrated Extended Version of Death Race on the Death Race DVD has a short scene where a navigator stands up through a sunroof and uses a 0.50-caliber HMG mounted on the top of the car.

In a tournament with novices should hand weapons capable to causing vehicular damage be given to each player? The Tampa Wrecking Crew Web site, archived on SWAT HQ, has a fun set of rules for pedestrian action in arena events. Would novices become confused with hand weapons? Should crew members be permitted to exit vehicles during tournaments and continue fighting on foot?

In Death Race oil slicks immediately caused vehicles to lose control. Should oil slicks cause a hazard as ice in addition to their +D2 modifier to maneuvers and hazards?

Are there any thoughts on having oil and ice affecting acceleration and deceleration?

What are thoughts for gravel pits, both shallow and deep?

What are thoughts for deep sand pits?

What are thoughts for quicksand pits?

What are thoughts for liquid cement pits?

What are thoughts for liquid asphalt pits?

Most Car Wars players are probably familar with the Sword, Shield and Death’s Head magnetic plates of Death Race. The virtual reality Morgoth Memorial Arena in the 1988 Car Wars Arena Book had rings similar to these plates. Has anyone tried using some of these types of plates in other arenas?

Instead of placing targets around an arena, place targets that have dischargers or multiple-use dropped weapons. If a target is successfully hit the discharger/weapon activates. The timing would be difficult but hitting a target to generate a smoke cloud or flaming oil slick in front of an opponent would be an exciting tactic.

Would metal or plastic turning keys, especially for 1.5X or 3X scales, be recommended prizes for all finalists in a tournament?

This post concludes my discussion of my list of ideas I wrote down during the Dragonflight 2010 tournament. Many thanks to those of you who have read my previous posts and responded with great comments. Drive Offensively.

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