Goodbye Gearmageddon

Exploding Goat Games, the company that produced Gearmageddon, dismantled its Web site last month. The company no longer has physical copies of Gearmageddon, however the core rulebook will continued to be sold on Wargame Vault for a short while.
Exploding Goat Games
Wargame Vault – Gearmageddon
Gearmageddon is a well-written, fast-playing set of rules perfect for conventions. The Core Rulebook has several ideas that would be very fun for other automotive combat tabletop games.
Best wishes to you Exploding Goat Games. Drive Offensively.

One Response to “Goodbye Gearmageddon”

  1. Carl Fazzina Says:

    Hi, Carl Fazzina here (wrote the ridiculous rules 🙂 )… I have an extra physical copy I would be happy to send you. Email me.

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