SWAT Interstate ’76 Music Index

The SWAT Interstate ’76 Music Index is now online. This Microsoft Excel document lists the tracks for all of the music produced for Interstate ’76 from the following sources.

* Interstate ’76
* Interstate ’76 Gold Edition
* Interstate ’76 Nitro Pack
* Interstate ’76 Original Game Soundtrack
* Bullmark Interstate ’76 Demo CD

Several of the pieces of music from Interstate ’76 are presented on the above sources with different names and variable lengths. The file attempts to identify those tracks with multiple titles.

The spreadsheet also lists tracks for SWAT’s Interstate ’76 Never Get of the Car Mix, a comprehensive track listing of game music and cutscene dialogue using tracks from the sources above. The Never Get of the Car Mix is over 60 minutes in length.

Cutscene dialogue audio files were created by converting the original Smacker video files to WAV audio files.

The Never Get of the Car Mix uses the longest versions of tracks that have multiple names.

SWAT Interstate ’76 Links and Files (Location of SWAT Interstate ’76 Music Index)

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