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Car Wars Moderator Pat Hunnum Passes Away

January 5, 2015

Scott Haring of SJ Games has reported Pat Hunnum has passed away. Pat was a co-moderator of the Steve Jackson Games Car Wars Discussion Forum. His username on the SJ Games Discussion Forums was morleydotes. Thoughts and prayers to his family for their loss.


Morley Dotes
Steve Jackson Games Car Wars Discussion Forum
January 05, 2015


SJ Games Revisions to Car Wars HQ

January 4, 2015

A few months ago, Steve Jackson Games revised the Official Car Wars Web site (Car Wars HQ) with new graphics to promote Car Wars Sixth Edition that is under development.

As a result of these changes, several hyperlinks to areas of Car Wars HQ no longer work.

Several files have also been removed from Car Wars HQ. The AADA News sections from the early issues Pyramid Magazine are no longer on the SJ Games Web site.

The Autoduel Quarterly HTML Archive is also no longer available. Links to the Autoduel Quarterly HTML Archive now direct site visitors to the Autoduel Quarterly PDF Archive available for purchase on Warehouse 23.


Steve Jackson Games – Official Car Wars Web Site (Car Wars HQ)

Revising Car Wars Links on SWAT HQ

January 4, 2015

I have revised a few Car Wars links on SWAT HQ as a New Year’s surprise for auto-vigilantes and creepers. Some of the new ones I have added to the site are listed below.


Seattle Washington Autoduel Team Headquarters (SWAT HQ)


SWAT HQ – Car Combat Game Links – Car Wars


ArmoredThirteen’s Equipment Catalogue


Boneheadz Command Center


Gyia’s Blog – Car Wars Trains (Microsoft Word Format)


Magesmiley’s Photobucket Page – Car Wars


Sum1els’ Car Wars Resources


Thoughts of a Myu


The Miniatures Page (TMP) – Post-Apocalyptic Discussion


MADHAT Car Wars Podcast Archive