Revising Car Wars Links on SWAT HQ

I have revised a few Car Wars links on SWAT HQ as a New Year’s surprise for auto-vigilantes and creepers. Some of the new ones I have added to the site are listed below.


Seattle Washington Autoduel Team Headquarters (SWAT HQ)


SWAT HQ – Car Combat Game Links – Car Wars


ArmoredThirteen’s Equipment Catalogue


Boneheadz Command Center


Gyia’s Blog – Car Wars Trains (Microsoft Word Format)


Magesmiley’s Photobucket Page – Car Wars


Sum1els’ Car Wars Resources


Thoughts of a Myu


The Miniatures Page (TMP) – Post-Apocalyptic Discussion


MADHAT Car Wars Podcast Archive

One Response to “Revising Car Wars Links on SWAT HQ”

  1. Tony K Says:

    Hey Michael thanks for updating the Boneheadz Command Center link. I hope to be more active on my blog this year and appreciate your efforts in keeping the Car Wars community alive.

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