About Wheels, Weapons and the Wasteland

This blog will present news, variant rules and editorials about Car Wars, automotive combat board games and post-apocalyptic roleplaying games featuring vehicular combat.


2 Responses to “About Wheels, Weapons and the Wasteland”

  1. Carl Neal Says:

    The strange synchronicity of the universe. I just purchased a new copy of CW at Christmas time and have been trying to talk a few younger folk into trying it. When you reached out to me and I found your blog it was like a green light from the dueling gods. It looks like Washington is the hot bed for CW these days and I’m only a few hours away. I will be in Seattle in late June for a concert – I may have to look some folks up! That’s for finding me!

  2. Carl Neal Says:

    That should be “thanks for finding me!”

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