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The Megaton List of Car Combat Tabletop Games

December 21, 2019

After wandering the Emerald City Wastelands for four years, the W3 Blog has returned.

SWAT HQ has an updated list of car combat tabletop games that includes a few video games. The list will be updated on a semi-regular basis.

SWAT HQ – The Megaton List of Car Combat Tabletop Games

Official Mad Max Gameplay Overview Trailer and Car Wars

April 23, 2015

The Official Gameplay Overview Trailer for the upcoming Mad Max video game has been released on YouTube. The trailer is not to be missed.

Official Mad Max Gameplay Overview Trailer

madmaxgame on YouTube
April 23, 2015

Official Mad Max Video Game Web Site

The concept of using scrap to build more powerful weapons and items for the Magnum Opus would be a great addition to the low-technology setting of Car Wars known as Chassis and Crossbow. The MMORPG Auto Assault featured the use of scrap to build weaponry and defenses.

Although Auto Assault no longer exists, the out of print Auto Assault Strategy Guide is worth acquiring. The book discusses the combinations of salvage that were used to build weapons and other items in Auto Assault. This information would be helpful in a Chassis and Crossbow Car Wars campaign.

Although Car Wars Compendium 2.5 has the current rules for gasoline internal combustion engines (ICEs) and metal armor in Car Wars, the book does not have all of the information on those items from Dueltrack. Rules for salvaging metal armor and salvaging parts from ICEs were printed in Dueltrack but they were not presented in Car Wars Compendium 2.5. Those rules would be useful in a Chassis and Crossbow campaign.