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Car Combat Central on Twitter

August 27, 2014

SWAT has a new account on Twitter called Car Combat Central. It is dedicated to all types of tabletop automotive combat games including Car Wars, Outrider, Phil Tortorici’s Road Rage and Dark Future. It is also intended for discussions of automotive combat movies and fiction.

Twitter – Car Combat Central


Ballistic: There is No Second Place

March 17, 2013

Ballistic is an automotive combat miniatures game being developed by Headwound Games. The artwork is some of the most amazing created for an automotive combat game in 20 years.
Headwound Games on deviantART
Free Cyberpunk/Post Apocalyptic tabletop car combat game
Cyberpunk Review
October 02, 2008
Car Wars/Death Race-esque vehicular combat game
Cruising with Gunhead
September 2012
SWAT HQ – Links for Ballistic