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The Megaton List of Car Combat Tabletop Games

December 21, 2019

After wandering the Emerald City Wastelands for four years, the W3 Blog has returned.

SWAT HQ has an updated list of car combat tabletop games that includes a few video games. The list will be updated on a semi-regular basis.

SWAT HQ – The Megaton List of Car Combat Tabletop Games

Car Combat Central on Twitter

August 27, 2014

SWAT has a new account on Twitter called Car Combat Central. It is dedicated to all types of tabletop automotive combat games including Car Wars, Outrider, Phil Tortorici’s Road Rage and Dark Future. It is also intended for discussions of automotive combat movies and fiction.

Twitter – Car Combat Central

Machinas and ScrapIron

March 13, 2013

Two Hour Wargames is developing a new automotive combat tabletop game called Machinas: Death Racers in the Wasteland.

I have also discovered ScrapIron, a print-and-play set of rules also for automotive combat. ScrapIron will be published as a box set in the near future.
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Two Hour Wargames’ “Machinas: Death Races in the Wasteland”
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March 07, 2013
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March 09, 2013
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