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The Megaton List of Car Combat Tabletop Games

December 21, 2019

After wandering the Emerald City Wastelands for four years, the W3 Blog has returned.

SWAT HQ has an updated list of car combat tabletop games that includes a few video games. The list will be updated on a semi-regular basis.

SWAT HQ – The Megaton List of Car Combat Tabletop Games

Twisted Metal: Shoot My Truck

February 12, 2012

PS3 News has a video from Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe all Car Wars fans must watch immediately.

For two days starting on February 14, 2012, anyone can activate a 5.56mm light machine gun (M249 SAW) aimed at an ice cream truck designed to look like Sweet Tooth’s ice cream van in Twisted Metal!

Video: Twisted Metal University Lesson 2: Vehicle Tactics for PS3
Twisted Metal: Shoot My Truck with David Jaffe

http://www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=Hn43glnOJVo